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Terms and Conditions

Mars Drinks terms and conditions

For full Mars Drinks terms of use please visit our global site website terms and conditions relating to the following statements:

• Free Klix machine delivery

• Free Klix machine installation

• Free Klix machine servicing

• Free Klix machine trial

• Free Klix machine on loan

The above statements exclusively relate to the following terms:

1. Only available in the UK on Klix machines sold by Mars Drinks directly to our customers

2. Only available when the machines are purchased at full list price (price available upon request from Mars Drinks)

3. Mars Drinks reserve the right to withdraw these benefits and services at any time

4. All decision of Mars Drinks shall be final and limited promotional correspondence will be entered into. Mars Drinks reserves the right under reasonable discretion: (a) to disqualify any participants whose conduct is contrary to the spirit of the promotion and to declare as void any or all of their claims based on such conduct; (b) to declare as void any claims resulting from any printing, production and/or distribution errors (including but not limited to other printed materials) or where there has been error(s) in any aspect of the preparation for or conduct of the promotion materially affecting the result of the promotion or the number of claimants or the value of claims; (c) to add to or to waive any terms and conditions on reasonable notice