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KLIX Vending Machines: Availability Promise

Terms & Conditions

99% Availability GUARANTEED
or we'll give you £100 worth of drinks

Our Engineers are nice, but we don't want you to see them!

Our KLIX® Availability Promise is available to all “Direct” customers taking new KLIX® machines on a "Do It Yourself" basis, whereby the customers are responsible for the servicing of the machine, including but not limited to placing drinks orders, filling and cleaning and, where appropriate, removing cash from machines.  The KLIX® Availability Promise is not available to customers taking any machine other than a new KLIX® or to customers taking a system, the servicing of which is carried out by a third party.

The Promise…

Our commitment to excellence in after-sales service comes from the top, starting with the Mars Incorporated “Quality” principle which states “The consumer is our boss” and to that end we are so confident in the reliability of our equipment and the quality of our Service Division that we are prepared to offer a guarantee of 99% machine availability for your KLIX® Outlook.

This guarantee is based on the machine being available to vend drinks for 99% of the working hour’s (08:30-17:00 Monday to Friday) in any one year. Failure to deliver on this promise will result in us offering you £100 worth of free KLIX® drinks at current list price.

On the anniversary of each machines installation we will calculate the amount of time the machine has been unavailable using the Mars® Drinks technical call data. This will include all technical breakdown calls with the exception of anything related to lime scale or calls that have been induced by customers or 3rd party suppliers including acts of vandalism, tampering, fraud, accidental damage or Force Majeure.

The KLIX® availability guarantee will remain in place for the duration of the service contract with the assessment taking place automatically on each anniversary of the machines installation.

The Service and Support backup…


On installation your machine will be filled with drinks for you, and the member of staff you designate will be trained to look after it effectively.

The contact centre:

Our contact centre ethos is based around putting you, our customer, at the centre of our business and focusing on the areas that matter from your perspective. To this end we develop our advisors to be able to deal with any issue, one-stop where at all possible, in a professional and customer focused manner.

Our contact centre is open Monday to Friday, you can call us on 0870 600 20 30 for drinks orders, to report technical issues with the machine and for all other after-sales service needs.

  • Your calls will usually be answered within 15 seconds by one of our fully trained customer service associates
  • If you are placing a drinks order we will give you a firm delivery date when you call
  • You can also place your drinks order over the internet at and view previous order details and invoices via this website
  • If you are reporting a technical issue we will do our best to resolve it over the phone
  • If a Service Technician is required, then the Customer Service Agent will log a call for a service visit
  • Whatever your after-sales service requirement, we aim to deal with it there and then on the first call.
Technical Service:

We know that machine breakdowns are very inconvenient to you and your consumers. That’s why we continually invest in increasing the reliability of our machines, and the skills and efficiency of all our service personnel.

In the UK there are more than 60 field-based Service Technicians dedicated to ensuring a swift response to your call wherever you are based. Working Monday to Friday 08:30-16:45 they are organised into regions with each technician covering a specific territory and looking after all of the customers and machines in this area, allowing us to establish relationships and tailor service based on your needs. Each region has it’s own technical trainer and is managed by a dedicated Regional Technical Manager.

We are extremely confident in our technical service and reliability performance. In the event of your KLIX® machine suffering a mechanical breakdown which our contact centre cannot resolve over the phone, we offer the following service:

  • A Service Technician will call you within 2 hours to discuss the details and arrange the best time to visit
  • We will only send fully qualified, professional Service Technicians to fix your machine
  • We will aim to fix it on the first visit and as quickly as we can
  • We will fix it free of charge subject to the Terms and Conditions of your contract
  • In addition we are rolling out a Preventative Maintenance program where we will pro-actively target machines to further improve their availability

Some additional information on our KLIX® Availability Promise

Fully trained, professional Service Technicians

All our Service Technicians have received at least 6 weeks training that meets ISO 9001 2002 quality standards. Our technicians receive a minimum of 1 week’s refresher training per year, and full training on all new products and upgrades.

Mechanical breakdown

There may be occasions where your machine is incapable of delivering drinks to your staff due to a technical malfunction of some kind.

Your designated staff member should be able to resolve most minor malfunctions, and our trained associates will talk them through this over the phone. Clearing faults yourself is the quickest way of getting your drinks machine back up and running.  However, there will be occasions where one of our Service Technicians will need to assess the machine. If our trained associates let you know that a technician is required to assess your machine then your dedicated staff member should not attempt to clear these faults.

Non-breakdown service calls

Sometimes you may need help with your machine for something that is not a mechanical breakdown, such as changing the drink price. If we cannot help you to do this over the phone, we will send a Service Technician. For the avoidance of doubt, these types of service calls (unlike when dealing with mechanical breakdowns) will not be included in the calculation of availability and will therefore not affect the performance levels set out above in respect of our KLIX® Availability Promise.

Full parts and labour warranty

In the event of mechanical breakdown during the contract period, subject to the limited exclusions in your Terms and Conditions, we will cover the cost of restoring your machine to full working order.


In the case of a fault arising due to vandalism, our Service Technician will attend to assess the damage and a quotation for the cost of the repair will then be provided, as vandalism is not covered under the terms and  conditions of your contract. On your approval of the quotation we will return to fix the machine and an invoice will be provided. For the avoidance of doubt, these types of service calls (unlike when dealing with mechanical breakdowns) will not be included in the calculation of availability and will therefore not affect the performance levels set out above in respect of our KLIX® Availability Promise.

Scale related calls

As previously indicated, the other exception in respect of our KLIX® Availability Promise is for scale related calls. This is due to the variation in water quality across the country and the impact this can have on the performance of any machine. As we are unable to control the quality of the water put through the machines we have decided to exclude any scale related calls from the calculation of availability and these will therefore not affect the performance levels set out above in respect of our KLIX® Availability Promise, they will however be dealt with in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of your contract.

Fix on the first visit

When the Service Technician attends he will endeavour to ensure that your machine will be fully capable of delivering quality drinks when he leaves. There will be some exceptions to this: where the machine is not working due to a large or unusual failure or where additional spare parts are required. In this unlikely event he will return as soon as possible and restore your machine to full working order.

Your commitment to us

Our performance under this KLIX® Availability Promise is offered on the understanding that you buy all of your KLIX® drinks directly from Mars® Drinks and do not use alternative cups in your machine(s) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of your contract.

If it comes to our attention that you have been buying your drinks from alternative suppliers, we will withdraw our KLIX® Availability Promise and as per the terms and conditions of your contract, we will also charge you for any further technical services required. In these circumstances we will charge you for technical services at the rate currently in force at the time you require such services. We will notify you of this rate at the time of your request.

Other contractual arrangements

The performance levels for technical service set out above in this KLIX® Availability Promise relate solely to our after-sales obligations to you under our contract.  Your statutory rights and all other contractual arrangements between us will remain unaffected by this Promise.  In the event that we withdraw our performance levels set out in   this document, our after-sales obligations remain in force, governed by our contractual arrangements as set out in the Terms and Conditions.

In the event of any inconsistency between this KLIX® Availability Promise and the Terms and Conditions of your contract, the Terms and Conditions will have precedence.

Variation/Cancellation of this Availability Promise

We may, at our sole discretion, vary, amend or withdraw the technical service performance levels set out in this document, or our commitment to meet them, at any time. We shall notify you in writing, at least 1 month in advance of such variation, amendment or withdrawal taking effect.

Force Majeure

In the event that we are unable to provide the technical services set out in this KLIX® Availability Promise (in part, in their entirety or on a delayed basis) due to a Force Majeure Event, we shall not be required to make an offer of £100 of free product to you in respect of our failing to meet specified performance levels.  For these purposes, a Force Majeure Event includes any circumstance beyond our control, which shall include war, terrorism, riot, civil commotion, sabotage, vandalism, fire, flood, power cut, failure of our computer or service centre systems, industrial action, or acts of God.  We shall notify you when you contact our customer service centre, if a Force Majeure Event applies.  Equally, you must notify us if such a Force Majeure Event applies at your site, preventing us from providing our technical services in accordance with KLIX® Availability Promise.  Either party must notify the other once the Force Majeure Event has ended. On such notification, we will indicate to you within how many days we shall aim to provide the required technical services, which will usually be within 3 working days after the Force Majeure Event has ended.

KLIX® Availability Promise – Issue 3, 5.12.2008

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