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KLIX® Momentum
Hot & Cold Drinks Vending For Manufacturing,
Logistics, Offices and Call Centres

  • Ideal for sites with 40+ people
  • 16 drink selections
  • 1,248 cup capacity

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KLIX Momentum

Variety of choice - from drinks to contracts

Flexibility is key to successful relationships, that's why we work with you to find the best solution

We provide a range of packages to offer the best price and service that’s right for each customer, our machines can be rented from as little as £5 and up to £18 per week depending on the package and choice of options.

We have over six thousand customers in the UK alone, across manufacturing, retail, logistics and many other sectors. Each have different needs and we can create tailor-made packages with our clients for a bespoke service to meet their specific requirements.

Choose from 5 Machine Packages

- Outright purchase
- Rent or lease
- Free on loan (based on your drinks volume)
- Via our approved distributor partner network
- Facitliy and catering parnters - we can agree and manage the purchase with your catering or facilities partner.

Choose from 4 Drinks Packages

- Fully managed service - we’ll stock and manage your machine for you.
- Self service or DIY - you manage the day to day running and stocking of your machine.
- Catering or Facilities Partner - we can work In conjunction to agree and manage drinks orders.
- Distributor Partners - they can directly manage and order drinks for you.

Free machines on loan

We’re passionate about our products and customer service, so regardless of the packages you choose you’ll always receive our 24hrs technical response time, account management support, onsite training and UK customer support teams.

- Premium - our full, 24/7 service package
- Standard - basic service and maintenance
- Catering or facilities partners have tailored packages from KLIX to suit your needs 

Thirsty for Change

Thirsty for Change

We at KLIX are concerned about the Earth's sustainability. Discover more about how we are reducing environmental impact of our own operations.

KLIX sustainability

KLIX Momentum®

KLIX Momentum

Hot & Cold Drinks Vending For Manufacturing, Logistics, Offices and Call Centres

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Brands you trust

Brands you trust

Nothing comes close to the range of drinks offered by KLIX and, yes, when it comes to range size is important.

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