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KLIX Outlook vending machine delivers a lot…

Hot and cold drinks vending for offices, factories and public spaces

Quality and efficiency at your fingertips

Whether you work in an office, a factory or a hospital and are looking for a quick,
refreshing break, KLIX will deliver the right experience

KLIX OUTLOOK at a glance

  • 16 Drinks options (1375 cup capacity)
  • In-cup delivers the perfect drink
  • BRITA Filtered water as standard
  • User-friendly operation
  • Round-buying function to save time
  • One-touch operation
  • Easy restocking
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Cashless / Coin / KLIXKEY® operation
  • Choice of fascia designs
  • FREE maintenance and warranty cover
  • Free on Loan / Lease / Rent / Purchase options
  • Ideal for sites of 40+ people

KLIX OUTLOOK tastes as good as it looks. You choose the design and a menu of 16 drinks from the range of over 25 available.

One-touch operation and KLIX in-cup technology delivers great tasting hot and cold drinks with no waiting and no mess.

KLIX technology eliminates every unnecessary moving part and bypasses the complications and issues related to mixing ingredients in the machine itself. Using cutting-edge technology, we have pioneered an in-cup system that ensures consistent product quality, unsurpassed reliability, simplicity and choice.

See the KLIX OUTLOOK in action

You choose the menu

We'll help you set up your KLIX drinks / coffee machine with exactly the right mix of drinks you need according to your male-female ratio, staff age range and business activity.

No one puts more into understanding what it takes to keep more people happy, more of the time. And as time goes by we'll be introducing new drinks options, seasonal promotions and ideas... so you need never get stuck with the same old menu year after year.

You choose how drinks are paid for

When it comes to paying for drinks, you call the shots. KLIX allows you to choose to make all or some of the drinks free vend or paid for. You can have people pay the full price, you can use the machine to make a profit or you can just have people make a contribution towards costs.

And once you've got your new drinks & coffee machine, your way, all that's left is to choose whether you'd like a member of your staff to clean, empty and restock your machine, or prefer to go for our fully-managed service where we do absolutely everything for you.

KLIX Momentum®

KLIX Momentum

Hot & Cold Drinks Vending For Manufacturing, Logistics, Offices and Call Centres

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Brands you trust

Brands you trust

Nothing comes close to the range of drinks offered by KLIX and, yes, when it comes to range size is important.

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