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KLIX vending machines: a sustainable choice

Designed with the environment in mind

Serious about sustainability

From raw materials packaging to used cups, through to the disposal of machines,
KLIX sets an enviable standard

The KLIX OUTLOOK drinks machine has been designed to save energy in a number of ways.

Really recyclable

When it comes to recycling – from raw materials packaging to used cups, through to the disposal of machines – KLIX sets an enviable standard. Our Basingstoke factories have reduced production waste sent to landfill from 600 tons per year to ZERO.

Plastic better than paper?

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Whilst most standard ‘paper’ cups are a composite and therefore non-recyclable material, KLIX cups are made from a single, ultra-low weight component that is fully recyclable – in fact the KLIX cup is amongst the lightest in the industry.

Energy efficiency

The KLIX Outlook is one the most energy efficient drinks vending machines on the market. KLIX Outlook is 12.5% more energy efficient for hot drinks and 51% more energy efficient in ‘stand by’ mode (idle phase), than the average for two leading floor standing drinks vending machines tested.

Built with the environment in mind

In addition the design has other key energy-saving features built in including, energy-saving LED lights in the display and consumer interface. Also to be energy saving by keeping water hot for longer. The water tank in the KLIX Outlook machine is insulated which means less energy is needed to maintain the temperature in the tank.

KLIX machine recycling

RecyclingOur KLIX machines are made of a range of different materials ranging from plastics to aluminium and they even contain precious metals including copper and gold! We offer a collection scheme to help our customers dispose of their old KLIX machines responsibly. When machines arrive back at our machine factory we have a special valet system to ensure we re-use machine parts to extend their lifecycle.

Thirsty for Change

Thirsty for Change

We at KLIX are concerned about the Earth's sustainability. Discover more about how we are reducing environmental impact of our own operations.

KLIX sustainability

KLIX Momentum®

KLIX Momentum

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