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MARS G-Snack Food &
Snacks Vending Machine

G-Snack Food Snacks Drinks Vending Machine

Meet the refreshment needs of your entire workforce

Give your people access to a wide selection of fresh food
products from pasties, sandwiches and savoury treats.

Keep your operation running 24/7 with this modern food and snacking solution. Give your people access to a wide selection of fresh food products from pasties, sandwiches and savoury treats. All stored fresh using the built in refrigerated cooling system. You'll have the flexibility to mix and match between snacks and food, giving you the ability to store up to 20 selections. The LED illuminated front captures your eye and appeals to any visitors or workers in your business. Built for energy efficiency. The fast dispensing of food and snacks will keep your breaks productive and efficient.

What can the G-Snack Food & Snacks vending machine do?

The G-Snack Food & Snacks vending machine comes preconfigured with our industry recommended configuration of two rows of crisps, one row of chocolate and two rows of sandwiches - giving you the flexibility of refreshment that you need to offer. We also have an additional customization service, typically costing £160 per machine. This includes engineer time and moving one tray. Your KLIX vending expert can work with you to configure the best options for your workplace. 

What is our Offering?

We offer a customisation service, for as little as £160 we will send an engineer and change the trays to your custom preference. This fee includes the engineer time and changing one tray. Additional trays are chargeable at £38 per tray. So if it's 3 shelves of sandwiches and 3 shelves of snacks you need, we can deliver this for you. Taking the hassle out of vending and making your machine work for your business. It's all part of transparent pricing, which means there's no hidden extras or costs. 

Buying options

We give you flexible purchase options, enabling you to purchase your G-Snack Food & Snacks vending machine outright from us or decide to lease your machine from as little as £32 per week, including the yearly maintenance fee. 

Service options

We pride ourselves on our Great Service and the quality of our products. The G-Snack Food & Snack vending machine comes as a self-service option, where you take the responsibility for the running and filling of your machine. With all our snack vending machines we apply a yearly maintenance cost. This covers all the maintenance needs of the machine for a full year - giving you peace of mind and ensuring your operation keeps running. This is a flat fee of £150 and is chargeable yearly. Our transparent pricing means there are no hidden extras or costs. 

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