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New Year, new you with KLIX

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Brita water technology

Is one of your New Years resolutions to drink more water?

If you order a case of KLIX® Chilled Water Cups (TC05) for your KLIX OUTLOOK machine in January, you will be automatically entered into the draw to WIN £50 in high street Bonusbond® gift vouchers to spend on the new you. Feel good for 2010 and reward the new hydrated you with BRITA® filtered water from KLIX.
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Water makes up around 98% of a cup of coffee. It therefore has to be of a high quality or it will affect the quality of the drink. Substances in tap water can affect the all-important aroma that makes coffee so enjoyable. BRITA filter cartridges remove limescale, chlorine and heavy metals such as lead and copper to improve the taste, smell and appearance of hot drinks.

Using a BRITA filter cartridge can also help protect the life of your KLIX drinks machine from a build-up of limescale. Each KLIX machine is supplied with enough filters to last for five years free of charge. So maybe now is the time to consider a new KLIX drinks machine with free Brita filtered water for 5 years?

If your KLIX drinks machine is over 5 years old we recommend you replace your BRITA water filters to ensure you still get pure BRITA filtered water from your KLIX machine. You can buy them individually directly from us for £12.95 +VAT (£4.00 delivery).

* Bonusbond gift vouchers can be redeemed at over 25,000 places in the UK and not just in high street shops! You can spend your bonusbond gift vouchers in restaurants and theatres, on days out with the family, to treat yourself with an experience or activity day or to book holidays and hotels. Bonusbond gift vouchers have no expiry date, so you can enjoy spending them whenever you choose.

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