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Bring the tea round back with a drinks machine!

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Is the tea round as we know it on its way out?

A recent article in the Times implied that the traditional tea round is in danger of dying out. A third of workers have said that they would prefer to make a cuppa just for themselves rather than share the responsibility with their employees in tea rounds. Four out of ten people said that the death of the tea round was partly due to the fact that their bosses never made them a cup in return and two out of five workers said their boss NEVER made them a cup of tea or coffee!

The excuses used to avoid making a cuppa for their colleagues ranged from waiting until there was no-one around to make one or deliberately making bad cups of tea and coffee so that they weren’t asked to do it again. Here at Mars Drinks we think we can fix all of this: with a KLIX drink vending machine! Our drinks machines are quick and easy to use, hassle and mess free and they serve great tasting drinks throughout your working day. So there’s no excuses – it’s a modern tea round –grab your colleagues a cup whenever you can.

David McCullough, the chief executive of the Royal Volunteer Service (RVS) - the company that polled 1,200 employees - said: ‘We know first-hand how important a cup of tea and a little bit of shared time can be to a person’s life, whether that’s a happy workplace or cheering up an older person who might not have seen any-one else all week.’ We completely agree and that’s why our drinks vending machines are made to help save your time, but give you the perfect drink every time, to make your workplace a productive and generally more contented workplace.

Felicity Kendal, an RVS ambassador also said: ‘We all need to take a break to keep our minds focused and it’s so important that we maintain a connection with our colleagues.’ Leaving your desk and heading for the machine for just for a minute to grab a cup of tea or coffee with or for your workmates is so important. A change of atmosphere just for a little while can bring you fresh ideas, help you remember things you’ve forgotten and keep you happy.”

So why not help bring the tea round back in style and look into getting a KLIX drinks machine for your workplace?

To find out more about how a KLIX drinks vending solution could fit in your organisation, call us on: 0800 0323 444 or visit us online.



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