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Does your drinks vending machine meet your needs?

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A drinks vending machine can help to please everyone in your business or organisation.

Many of us need a quick caffeine fix first thing in the morning. For others, a refreshing cup of tea is what’s needed to wake us up for the day. Choice is vitally important in order to cater for differing personal preferences. You may think that you can’t please everyone, however, a drinks vending machine makes pleasing different palates a painless proposition.

With a drinks vending machine, choice is a true benefit. Offering a selection of hot and cold drinks, from comforting cappuccinos to uplifting herbal teas and rehydrating chilled drinks, vending machines can suit every hot and cold drinks desire, no matter what the time of day or year.

Unfortunately, some vending machines have been guilty of delivering hot drinks with varying degrees of quality. The KLIX® drinks vending solution, however, offers a wide range of Britain’s best-loved brands, such as PG tips®, NESCAFÉ® and Kenco all made with BRITA® filtered water, so you can also be sure the quality of each drink is up to scratch every single time. After all, there’s nothing more reassuring or comforting than your favourite brand name hot drink!

Drinks vending machines are unique in providing a wide range of drinks - all available at the touch of a button. This eliminates the need for expensive drinks rounds from the local coffee shop or the limiting variety offered by the kitchen kettle and infrequent trips to the local shop for drinks supplies.

Offering a selection of easily accessible tasty drinks to your employees or customers can really help to make them feel that you’ve taken their preferences into consideration. KLIX offers over 25 drinks options, which can be tailored to your needs and easily changed depending on demand, so you can be sure you are delivering exactly the right choice for your company.

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