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Hot or cold drinks – you decide

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With so much choice offered in KLIX drinks vending machines - you've got a big decision ahead of you!

Spring has sprung (or so we hope). The changing of the clocks, the longer evenings and lighter mornings are giving us a real feel that summer is on the horizon. And with that hopefully the sun will show itself!


Our aim at Mars Drinks is to create great tasting moments at work. We want to help you make little decisions that will create big differences. Those big differences could be anything from helping to inject some variety into an employee’s working day with the vast range of drinks on offer, or simply the energising affect that a cup of coffee in the afternoon can have on someone’s productivity.


You could make another big difference by slightly altering the drinks on offer in your machine. With the seasons changing it could be time to consider changing the drinks so that you can give your employees the choice from a range of hot and cold drinks. Our office vending machines offer your team over 25 drinks including all the brands you love, so there’s no shortage of choice. In fact, picking which drink you prefer when you visit the vending machine will be your hardest decision!


When considering which cold drinks to add, you can choose from water and flavoured waters as well as real fruit juices that will quench your thirst and provide a refreshing change on a hot day. Keeping a good mix of hot and cold drinks from our range in your machine has endless benefits for your team. It’s sure to increase the general mood in the office and will definitely cut down on daily squabbles over the air-conditioning in the office!


Did you know though, that drinking hot drinks on a hot day can level the temperature of your body?* Here’s the biology: The heat in the drink raises your body temperature and so you sweat more. Nerves in your upper digestive tract and mouth make your brain produce more sweat and when that sweat evaporates, it cools you down. So don’t get rid of all of your hot drink choices! Some people prefer to continue drinking tea or coffee throughout the year and it’s great to accommodate everyone’s needs.


So whether it’s a hot or a cold drink your employees prefer to drink on a quick break, keep their options open by having a great mixture of both this spring and summer. It is, after all, those moments that we believe help keep work a happier place for everyone.


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*Source: Professor Peter McNaughton, a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge.

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