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Let the creativity flow over your cuppa!

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Often the most interesting discussions happen on a spontaneous basis as opposed to scheduled meetings.

We’ve all heard of ‘water cooler chat’ – those gems you hear from your colleagues when you’ve stretched your legs to grab a drink. Having a quick conversation with someone you don’t normally sit close to offers a welcome break from your computer screen and helps to build relationships with workmates. Often the most interesting discussions happen on a spontaneous basis as opposed to scheduled meetings.

So where else might these informal but productive conversations take place? Perhaps in the lift at the end of the day, or on the bus when you bump into a colleague also travelling to or from work? Most sizeable offices across the country have a vending machine which often becomes the hub of activity at break times. People head to the office coffee vending machine first thing in the morning, at lunchtime or during an afternoon break between meetings to grab the perfect cup of their favourite beverage to recharge their batteries and focus their mind on the next task in hand.

Even a couple minutes of conversation and networking with a colleague can really brighten up staff members’ days, and can lead to an increased productivity across the whole workforce. Team members who don’t usually cross paths very often might end up bonding over their coffee and realising the scope for a new project combining their unique sets of skills. A shared love of hot chocolate might help workers become friends, making for an engaged and dynamic team who bring enthusiasm to their work as well as their tea-breaks!

So if you haven’t invested in a hot drinks vending machine yet, now is certainly the time. Watch your staff’s motivation levels soar as you provide them with a place to meet, chat and rehydrate! To find out more about how a KLIX drinks vending solution could help your organisation call us on: 0800 0323 444 or visit Get A Quote.

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