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Lunch breaks made better

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If your lunch break is always taken in a hurry, an office drinks vending machine could be the solution

Is your lunch always rushed? Do you rarely have time to dash out and grab your coffee or sandwich? Lunch breaks always seem to be the time of the day that passes by far too quickly. Mars Drinks want to help you with that.

Did you know that every day, every employee is entitled to at least 20 minutes uninterrupted rest if they work more than six hours a day? We all know that sometimes we just don’t get the time to sit down and take the break that we deserve. All too often we end up eating our lunch ‘al desco’ and skipping a well-earned cuppa in peace. With a KLIX drinks vending machine, we can change that!

Having an office vending machine at the end of the corridor can bring many benefits to your workplace:

·         Your employees don’t waste their lunch break running and queuing for their favourite drink away from the office

·         Lunchtime meetings are quicker and easier to put together. Rather than asking someone to spend the time making up drinks for everyone, or paying for coffee to be delivered externally, you can use the vending machine for your drinks and start the meeting in half the time

·         You choose the price of your drinks to ensure that your employees’ desired cup of tea or coffee is much cheaper than what they would usually pay on the high street. You’re saving them time and money!

Whether it’s a planned lunch meeting, a chat with a colleague over a tea or coffee, or eating on the fly at your desk, one of our two versatile machines could help your employees cut down on the time they spend heading out for that much needed drink, which in turn could help make everyone’s day more productive!

Of course the benefits of an office vending machine don’t stop at lunch. Grabbing a drink before the start of the day has never been easier, and taking one at the end of the day for the journey home is a real treat too. And then all the times in between when you need to grab a quick refreshment, it’s great to have a machine at your fingertips.

If you’d like to talk to someone about getting a drinks vending machine for your workplace, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can give you more details on our KLIX drinks vending solution. Call us on: 0800 0323 444 or visit Get A Quote.


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