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More choice, more convenience from your drinks vending machine

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Having a hot drinks vending machine in your workplace means everyone can get their favourite cuppa whenever they need it.

Office vending machines offer a vast range of drink choices to suit the ever changing needs of your employees. Prefer decaf in the afternoons? No problem. Fancy a steaming cup of soup with your sandwich at lunchtime? Easy – just make your selection.

There’s even a choice for those who like their hot drink to last a little longer: the KLIX Large Cup. At 9oz, this option gives you even more opportunity to savour the smooth, velvety flavour of our premium grade coffee beans during the working day.

But before your lucky employees can make any of these choices, you’ve got a few of your own to take. Which machine is best for your staff and their environment? For offices of less than 40 members of staff, a smaller table-top drinks vending machine is probably most suitable. They hardly take up any space and can sit on a counter-top but they offer up to eight drinks options, and around 400 cups at a time.

If you are in charge of a larger office space you may want to look at the larger freestanding drinks vending machines available. These do take up more physical space in the workplace but can hold more drinks options - up to 16 - to offer your employees more choice and convenience. What’s more, they can hold up to 1,400 cups, which helps to keep maintenance and restocking to a minimum in busy offices.

Once you’ve chosen your machine type, you will also be asked to select a fascia that will suit your office design. Perhaps you want something bright and cheerful to brighten up your workers’ tea breaks, or maybe you want a sleek black design to blend in with your modern and high tech premises. One of the most popular fascia designs showcases our premium coffee beans in all their glory - who could walk past such a mouthwatering display without stopping?

So it would seem selecting the best drinks vending machine for your office might not be as simple as it sounds - with that much choice available perhaps it’s time you had a chat with us!

If you’d like to talk to someone about the options available to you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can give you more details on our KLIX drinks vending solution. Call us on: 0800 0323 444 or visit Get A Quote.


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