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The Benefits of Vending

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A KLIX blog that looks at the benefits of a vending machine...

If you’re considering upping your refreshment offering at work, look no further than a drinks vending machine. Whether you run a small but perfectly formed organisation, or a heavyweight corporation, a drinks vending machine can provide a great number of benefits to your workplace.

For a whistle-stop tour of how a vending machine could provide you with the perfect work refreshment solution, take a look at the below:

1) Reap the financial reward

At first glance a coffee vending machine may appear to outweigh a more discreet kettle in terms of energy costs however, this isn’t the case. Take a look at our energy calculator to see how much you could save.

2) Reduce your company’s impact on the environment

Energy savings aren’t just good for your wallet. Reducing energy consumption is high on the list of priorities for many organisations, as Government incentives are on the increase to encourage sustainability at a corporate level. A drink’s vending machine is designed to only use the energy that it needs to produce a drink. They aim to drive efficiency when and where it’s needed – so energy isn’t wasted heating excess water.

3) Can you put a price on convenience?

Long days, early mornings and late nights mean that your employees may need access to refreshments at any time of the day or night. A vending machine is the perfect solution as they can be situated where you need them most, whether that’s in an office kitchen or a factory floor, and they produce hot and cold drinks at the simple touch of a button.

4) Select a combination of drinks options that’s right for your workforce

Preferences for drinks change depending on the time of day, our mood and even the weather which is why choice is such an important consideration. A coffee vending machine doesn’t have to just serve coffee. You can select a range of different hot and cold drinks, from refreshing chilled fruit flavoured waters, to café style cappuccinos and warming soups. You have the flexibility to choose the right selection for your unique and diverse workforce, whatever their preferences may be.

5) Motivation

It’s well known that taking regular breaks at work can increase motivation and productivity. If your team is well hydrated and refreshed they are able to concentrate on the job at hand. Drinks vending machines can offer employees that quick fix they need to ensure they’re comfortable and ready to face what the working day (or night) brings.

To find out more about how KLIX can deliver a drinks vending solution tailored for your business contact us on0800 0323 444.

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