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Flexible benefits – the future of vending machines

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An office vending machine is a great way to energise your staff, particularly flexible and part time workers.

Part-time workers are a massive attribute to any company. They enable an organisation to scale in size when required, to cover new business activity for example. Often they are highly experienced employees with many years gained in specialist sectors which is extremely beneficial to companies. Changes in lifestyle, such as maternity leave or house moves, however, mean that they now need to work on a flexible basis.

With the government’s changes to flexible working, you might encounter your employees asking more regularly to try and make work fit better around their lives.

So part-time workers bring great things to a business, but what are you offering them in return, benefit wise? What makes them want to work for your company? Is there anything you have up your sleeve that keeps them engaged? Do you have an office vending machine for your part-time staff to take a quick break and reenergise with a nice cuppa brew or a stimulating coffee? If not, it’s worth thinking about - it’s a great way of keeping those part-time gems working with you – offering them something as simple as a free, or cheaper beverage for those moments when they need a little breather throughout their busy days.

A short stop at the vending machine also helps all your staff get to know one another! Especially your part-time workers who don’t spend as much time in the office as your full-time staff - this is a great opportunity for them to familiarise themselves with their other colleagues whilst refreshing themselves. Perhaps they’ll have a catch up over lunch together, after all, better business relationships drive engagement in the office!

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