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The history of coffee

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Coffee has become such a large part of many cultures around the world, but where did it all begin?

Often coffee is taken for granted – it’s an amazing drink that some people desperately need in the morning or enjoy during the weekend, yet no one quite knows where it’s come from or anything about its heritage. Coffee is widely stocked in KLIX office machines, which is great for meeting the needs of your employees, but we thought we’d share a bit more about where this popular drink comes from.

Coffee has become such a huge part of our culture; it’s now the most popular drink worldwide. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about coffee:

·         over 400 billion cups are consumed each year around the world!

·         57% of us drink coffee at breakfast

·          coffee has been known as ‘Arabian wine’

·         The famous music composer, Bach even wrote a piece of music about it, ‘a coffee cantata’, in 1732!

Coffee is said to date back to as early as the thirteen hundreds and is believed to have originated from East Africa, specifically Ethiopia. The world ‘coffee’ entered the English language in 1582. And then coffee came to England and the rest is history.

It’s interesting that coffee was believed to have medicinal properties and people even went to coffeehouses to have stimulated, educated conversations, mainly about politics all those years ago. Fast forward a few centuries and lots of people are still meeting for a cup of coffee to discuss everything from business to our last holiday.

So next time you grab that quick coffee from your office drinks machines, have a think about where it’s come from, what it’s been known for and the great moments it creates! If you don’t have a drinks machine in your office, why not start considering one? You can lease, rent or buy one and with our customer service, the whole process will be smooth and enjoyable. Just like the drinks that are served by our KLIX drinks machines.

If you’d like to talk to someone about the options available to you when supplying your office with a drinks vending machine, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can give you more details on our KLIX drinks vending solution. Call us on: 0800 0323 444 or visit Get A Quote.

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