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The importance of coffee breaks at work

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As we draw closer to Christmas it's important to remember to stop and have a break every now and again.

In the last few weeks before Christmas even the most level headed among us can become a little stressed out. The weeks of planning and organisation turn into days of last minute shopping, cooking and dashing around before the holiday period begins! But the run up to Christmas can also be an incredibly busy time at work. The mad rush to meet deadlines and targets before the year ends often leaves many employees more than ready for a break; which places a greater emphasis on the importance of coffee breaks at work!  

It is vital that your employees are kept motivated at this time of year. As well as ensuring that workloads are evenly distributed and targets are realistic, there’s a much simpler addition to the workplace that can help to keep employees in good spirits; a coffee break. With the rapid advancement of technology allowing us to get more done in a day but also preventing us from ever truly ‘switching off’, the once widespread office coffee break has suffered a decline.

Psychologists and doctors agree that the key to managing stress levels is getting into the habit of taking regular breaks. So now more than ever taking a break to have a hot drink and a chat with colleagues away from your screen is of the utmost importance. Installing a hot drinks vending machine in your office is one of the best ways to encourage your hard-working employees to take a break now and then. Having their favourite beverages easily available at the touch of a button just a short walk down the corridor will surely provide your employees with a reason to leave their desks, to stretch their legs and clear their heads.

This simple addition to your workplace will help your employees work to their full potential in one of your busiest months, so why wait? To find out more about how a KLIX drinks vending solution could help your organisation call us on: 0800 0323 444 or visit Get A Quote.

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