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Great tasting moments at work

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At Mars Drinks, we create great tasting moments at work

Here Mars Drinks we pride ourselves on helping you create great tasting moments at work, every day.

KLIX is the one of the UK’s top in-cup vending solutions. Our aim continues to be to serve you the best drinks but better, and today we do that almost one billion times a year! We build our services around you and train all of our very own engineers and customer service teams so that you get the best customer experience with us. We also offer daily drinks deliveries so you’ll never be short on drinks for your team. We can even call you to take an order, whenever is convenient. That’s what our KLIX experience is all about, and we’ve worked hard to establish it.

We know how important great tasting moments at work are, in order to keep your team happy. We also know that a happy team means a more engaged and productive one. Helping you to help your team, and in turn your business, is what we love to do. Whatever it is you’re planning at work, an office coffee machine can help you make it better. We’ve thought of a few moments at work that we could make taste better!

Creative brainstorms: need that little lift to get your brain whizzing and ideas flowing? Being able to choose a drink from our range of over 25 of the nation’s most loved brands would be sure to help make the meeting more exciting and energetic. No other drinks system offers as much choice or variety as we do, and hopefully after a successful brainstorm with a drink, you’ll have the same amount of choice and variety from the amount of concepts your team has come up with!

Hopeful pitches: calm those nerves with a cuppa, or sooth your tired throat with a quick soup on the go. Whatever it is you’re needing because a pitch, it’s something that will make you feel less nervous and more relaxed. Whether your drink of choice is a coffee or a lemon tea, there’s always something in that familiar machine down the hall for you to take a quick couple of minutes out to clear your head and prepare yourself.

Big changes: when you’ve got an important announcement to make, of course it’s important to communicate clearly, make sure everyone understands the consequences and is involved in the solution, but it’s also really important to make everyone feel comfortable. A coffee vending machine is a brilliant idea to help people grab a favourite drink before the meeting and feel more relaxed instantly.

If you’d like to talk to someone about an office vending machine and the options available to you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can give you more details on our KLIX drinks vending solutions.
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Thirsty for Change

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