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Don’t stop treating yourself after your holiday

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Although the summer holidays are over, don't let that stop you from enjoying yourself!

Your summer holiday is over, until next year, and it’s too early to start planning that already – and it’s noticeable that your colleagues join you in your back-to-work blues. You need something to pull your staff out of this low, to give them a new focus and inject some life into the office. There are a few things you could do, so we’ve put together some ideas:

-          Arrange some staff time out. Get everyone together to have some food in the local pub. It’s been a long summer and people have been in and out of the office, so it’s been hard to catch up with everyone lately. Put a date in, whether it’s a breakfast meeting, lunch or dinner out, this will make your employees feel valued.

-          Start a competition, introduce a new aim for the team. Whether it’s for charity or just for fun, a little competitiveness here and there is harmless, and it gets motivation and energy levels high. Put people into teams to work together, this can improve employee morale and is a good way of camouflaging that dreaded word… team building!

-          Put some time in the diary for some one-to-one catch up sessions with everyone. It’s a good way of showing that you care, asking about your colleagues’ summers and finding out how they’re feeling. Taking the time to check on your employees can really benefit how they feel about the business and therefore how productive they are at work. And if your employees are aligned with the business, they’re engaged.

-          Look into installing a coffee vending machine. This way your colleagues come back from their holidays and don’t have to stop treating themselves! You’ll probably feel the same, you’re craving a hot chocolate mid-afternoon, or your morning coffee treat. Well if it’s just down the hall, you don’t need to have back-to-work blues, do you? You can fix it in a few steps and the push of a button.

If you’d like to talk to someone about an office vending machine and the options available to you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can give you more details on our KLIX drinks vending solution. Call us on: 0800 0323 444 or visit Get A Quote.



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