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how to motivate staff after Christmas

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Coming back to work after Christmas can be quite tough – it’s important to think about helping to motivate them on their return.

Coming back to work after Christmas can be quite tough – it’s a time when people are feeling slow after constant eating and drinking, or tired because they’ve had the family staying and no peace and quiet. However they feel, it’s important to think about helping to motivate them on their return.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few top tips on how do get your team feeling rejuvenated and ready the first couple of weeks that they settle back into work.

1) Act as a role model – it’s up to you to inspire your colleagues to reconnect with what they love about work. Start by giving them some responsibility, a project for them to immediately get their teeth in to will definitely help focus their minds from the word go, making the transition back to work much easier.

2) Hold a meeting to let your team know about the business’s goals for the year. By painting a clear company picture for everyone, you are making the whole team feel a part of something much bigger than what their day-to-day job looks like. When people understand what their role is in a company, it helps them feel like they are making a difference and contributing to the success of the business. And when that happens, people are more productive – and you’re more successful.

3) Sit down with each employee separately and work on a personal development plan in the first few weeks back after Christmas. In doing this, you’re showing you care about each and every employee and their future with the company, and it helps your employees to get back into the swing of things and focus on the tasks ahead.

4) And our final tip - get a hot drinks machine! It’s as simple as that. Investing in a drinks machine not only means your team will come back to the office and be met with one final festive present, but it’s a sure-fire way to give them some 2016 motivation. They can break up their days in the office with a stroll down the corridor for a hot coffee to give them a boost, or a nice soup to have with their lunch. It also saves your staff money and time, both of which are always hard to control in January.

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